* W h i m s y Yarn Club - January to June

* W h i m s y Yarn Club - January to June

After a few requests, it seems like a fun idea to give you a little reveal of what was included in each club from January through to May 2019.

Of Course, as stated in my first blog post on the Whimsy Yarn Club there is no particular "theme" to the gifts - they are a curation of things that have caught my eye, often produced my local makers, each item has a story and has been selected to pass on my enthusiasm for the handmade, unusual or pure whimsy!

You can click on each month to take a look at the original listing.




In the midst of a dark, cold winter, I really wanted to focus on the subtle warmth the earth can offer.

The yarn was a lusciously soft blend of baby camel & silk.

The Gift: Sea Salt sourced from the local Halen MÔn Sea Salt Company, based on Anglesey here in North Wales. Pure Sea salt and another bag of Oak Smoked Sea salt - absolutely delicious over savoury and sweet dishes (like fudgy chocolate brownies!)




The theme for February was "Winter Berry" - a selection of plummy, berry shades on mini skeins of beautiful British wool, a 4ply version of our Masham & BFL.

The Gift: produced for us by RuralKind - nifty little leather headphone/cord holder. This little thing has worked a treat to avoid tangled headphones. RuralKind were so kind and even embossed " M.V.Y" on an extra one just for me! 




Shetland Wool, sourced from a very small flock based in mid-Wales. Dyed to a versatile, cool grey using oak galls. 


The Gift was extra special as it was produced, quite literally, down the road by David of The Whittlings. The wood for these little butter spreaders, was sourced from the Hawarden estate - a place that has become a local retreat from the daily grind. A place that holds so many fond memories for most of my teenage/adult life.

Individually hand carved.




This was fun! I bundle dyed the sock yarn using Eucalyptus (both leaves and bark), onion skins, marigold petals, hibiscus and black tea.

I don't often get to do this as its such a time consuming process - but it was an honour to create this for my group of enthusiastic Whimsy Clubbers! Unfortunately I don't have any finished shots! But I have a process shot - you can see how beautifully the colours had transferred to the yarn...



The Gift was a handwoven and sewn pouch by the lovely sisters of Glenbach Weaving - another lovely Welsh Business. There was a range of different colours, and each pouch had a different Liberty Print Lining.



The yarn was a plump, billowy skein of singles BFL - dyed to a warm terracotta using my favourite Madder Root. (I cant seem to find an image but will update this post when i do!)


The gift was this gorgeous letterpress print by Artcadia of Shrewsbury. Classic, simple and elegant. 





June marked my 10th Wedding Anniversary - the colour of vintage pink was based on my original Bouquet - dyed on the softest cashmere blend yarn.

The Gift was a "squeal with delight" moment. Tiny little hand bound leather journals from McTavish Designs. Local, handmade paper, reclaimed leather with hand stitching. 

It was also the club which triggered the first complaint. A customer wrote that they "had never been more disappointed". It was upsetting. And embarrassing, but  I write this for two reasons.

  1. My customer satisfaction has not been exactly 100% - I want you to know that because you may be disappointed too. This club is about surprise. But please know that I put a lot of thought and effort into every package. If you're going to complain, just be nice.


I'm not sitting here intentionally sending out parcels of doom.
 2.   That was my only complaint after an entire year of sending out Whimsy Clubs all over the world.
Y'know - for perspective.


      Thank you for reading this far! The following 6 months of Whimsy Club reveals will be in the next blog post.

      January 2020 Whimsy Yarn Club will be released today 9th December at 16:00 GMT

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      2 commenti

      Why on earth would anyone be disappointed by that lovely strawberry ripple yarn and the gorgeous notebook?! I was delighted with mine.

      Sarah Lowes

      While being extremely tempted and can’t yet afford to join, I wanted to send a note to say how lovely your previous clubs have been! So lovely to see, and as for that “disappointed person” I think this will be someone incredibly difficult to please, whatever would have been sent! I shall continue to save, bad hope to subscribe for a month sometime in the future.
      All the best for 2020

      Fran Quinn

      Francesca J quinn

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