*W h i m s y - a yarn club for the curious Q&A

*W h i m s y - a yarn club for the curious Q&A

Our very first club!


  1. 1.
    playfully quaint or fanciful behaviour or humour....
    • a thing that is fanciful or odd.
  2. 2.
    a whim.
    "a clean slate on which to enter information in the form that suits your whimsy"


Despite its whimsical name and nature, there has been an awful lot of agonising over whether or not we offer a club, how to approach it, how to structure it and how to make sure that it is worth the effort and mostly, that it remains enjoyable. For you and I.


The inspiration for this club came from a desire to share with you all the beautiful, quaint things i come across in this business. Rare breed wools, handspun skeins, luxury silk blends - i would offer them all in my shop but the truth is...its tricky. Availability is usually a primary issue. Small scale production can be just that, small. Limited Quantities. Erratic. But immensely beautiful and soooo worth supporting. Then there is the uber luxurious yarns, the exotic blends from all over the world, the ones that sound appealing but would there be enough interest in it to feature as a regular product..? Not so sure. We knitters tend to be a practical bunch. And i totally get that! Buying yarn over the internet involves an exceptional degree of trust, right? For something that is so tactile, we are making decisions based on words and images. But what if, on a whim, you could sign up to a whole other world of fibre? Something new, interesting...different? TRUST me that i can find fibres to delight and inspire - a curated selection guided by my own enthusiasm for the unique. 


Then i got to thinking, what else could i offer alongside the yarn? Stitch Markers? Scissors?? There are enough clubs offering these beautiful items and doing it reeeally well. This club was meant to be different - whimsical. With each club, there will be a little something extra included, it may be beautiful, strange, useful or quirky. Surprising. Fickle. It may be knitting related or it may have absolutely nothing to do with hand crafts, now doesn't that sound intriguing ;)


I wanted to go through a few "How Does It Work" concepts, a Q & A if you will. Something to refer to if you think you might like to join or for new customers who have just discovered us.


How often?

The goal is to have a fresh club each month.

Saying that, im only interested in offering you the very best, if there is nothing to share with you,  there simply wont be a club for that month. 

When will each club become available?

It will vary, anywhere from 4-8 weeks in advance - it will depend a whole lot on the availability of the items i am ordering. I'll announce via the usual channels (IG, Newsletter, Website) when each club is ready for sign ups.

Is it a subscription?

Nope. its completely flexible. You can sign up whenever you want, one month at a time.

Why does the price change?

Because the yarn changes! i want to pay everyone involved in producing club items fairly. The price will always reflect the content.

Whats included?

Yarn (you can choose 1, 2 or more skeins) a little surprise gift, and if possible, some pattern ideas.

What kind of yarn can i expect?

When listing a new club in the shop, i will give a basic description of the yarn - weight / ply / spin / origin / handle / SW / Non Superwash...


You can select your postage option at checkout. I highly recommend choosing a "Tracked' option, as i cannot be held responsible for lost parcels.



Please feel free to comment below with any thoughts, ideas or extra questions - ill be sure to update this article as we go :)


Thank you so much for your curiosity and enthusiasm - if you're ready to try out the club you can get straight to it by clicking here.

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7 commenti

I would love to sign up for your next whimsy club!!! The bag is beautiful 🧡 and I love surprises!!! Thank you

Madeline Gilligan

Just a thought, would you be willing to post what you have sent out in the previous months and what knitters have made? It would be inspiring, since your wool is often sold out! Best wishes!


Could you please let me know of the next available Whimsey place.
Thanks in advance.
Laura Lamb

Laura Lamb

Hello from Sweden

Do you have a place for me in May?I found you on Ninja Chickens podcast.I’m going to be 70 years May six and a skein from the May whimsy yarn club would be nice to buy.Once I have been in Wales,in Lampeter with the surroundigs.We had a exchange by the school in Kalix(where i was working in Furuheds school) and a school in Lampeter. Wish you a nice day from a snowey but sunny Kalix.Ulla

ulla fredriksson

When is the next month’s Whimsey club available to order on your website? Is it at the same time every month or ?
Thank you! I want to order :^)


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