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Truffle DK - tactile lot.b

Truffle DK - tactile lot.b

Normaalihinta £22.00 GBP
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £22.00 GBP
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Truffle DK is magically soft, suitable for any garment.

It looks magnificent in any design that requires a little brioche stitch or fishermans rib, the plump little stitches are perfection! Equally charming in plain garter or stockinette, it's a versatile little base which I highly recommend for its comforting softness and enchanting shades. 

 40% Superfine Alpaca - for incredible softness
40% Merino - gives stability, softness and a "spongier" feel than alpaca alone.

20% Silk - for strength and an ever so gentle lustre. Silk has a marvellous affinity for natural dyes - a canvas for the subtle nuances.

100g = 230m/ 252y.      Single ply construction.        


For a single shade, expect variation.

Beautiful, natural variation.

My Seasonal Pattern Suggestions:

Boston Streets by Joji Locatelli ( Hat )

Plumpy by Andrea Mowry (Shawl )

Water Bearer by Jacqueline Cieslak (Cardigan)

Honey Glow by Tammy Gore (Shawl)



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