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It's not often that one skein has it all.

But this new base has more than just good looks. It's strong but not tough, it's soft yet defined. It could just be the bread 'n butter of the stash because it can be knit into anything - socks, hats, shawls and sweaters - and always look great.


You want more? Textured stitches? cables?? eyelets??? 




100% British Corriedale Wool, naturally dyed using whole dye stuffs and botanical extracts


4ply/Fingering weight

400m per 100g skein

Pattern Suggestions:

Socks - Peppercorn Socks

          - By the Seine River

           - Hermione's Everyday Socks

Light Shawls - Blom Shawl

              - Sumire Shawl

               - Uraidla Shawl



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