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Planets Mini Pouch

Planets Mini Pouch

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The Mini pouch is designed to be durable, versatile and charmingly good looking - this Limited Edition is our lightest version yet! Perfect for those short haul flights where every gram matters ;)

The oilskin outer is a rich plum shade, certified organic cotton and completely weather proof - whilst still being soft to touch. Inside you’ll find a hidden galaxy - incredible cotton sateen with stars and planets, it’s bound to make you smile  


The pouch may be mini, but it sure is mighty - standing up all on its own, its structured form and wide bottom make it a joy to use everyday.



Outer: 100% Cotton

Dry Oilskin by Merchant & Mills (Organic, British)

High Quality Leather Drawstring

(Vegan option available, please leave a note at checkout :)

Inner: Cotton Sateen


Dimensions: 8inch high and wide. 4inches deep. Handmade to Order  

Care: Spot Clean only. Do not machine wash.

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